In 1843 a parcel of land was donated by John Fraser.  A log church was constructed on that parcel in 1845 with the cemetery opening that same year. A pathway leading to the church was the dividing line for tiers of burial lots extending north and south. A parcel of land to the north was purchased and the church was rebuilt on that parcel in 1878 which still stands today. Additional land was purchased to the west to extend the cemetery.


The earliest recorded burial was of an eleven-month old boy, who died September 5, 1845.

Commemorate the life of a loved one

Strabane Cemetery offers numerous choices to help commemorate the life of a loved one. Choices include full burial plots, cremation plots, a scattering garden and niches in the columbarium.


Each burial lot can hold one casket or can hold two caskets buried one on top of the other.  This depends on where the plot is and the discretion of the Cemetery Board.


A regular burial plot holds four urns of cremated remains. Each cremation lot (or columbarium) holds two urns of cremated remains.


For those wishing a natural approach, we have a designated area for the scattering of remains which can include a bronze plaque for the memorial wall.


Strabane Cemetery now offers a beautiful columbarium in a park-like setting for perpetual care of cremated remains. Click here for more information. 

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